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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Natural Pain Relief,
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is commonly thought to be a natural, occupational hazard for many people who perform heavy, repetitive tasks with their hands. However, they're not the only ones susceptible to its pain. Women suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome out number men three to one. And the risk increases for those over 40.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Symptoms

The progressive nature of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome allows its pain to build slowly over a several months. Frequently, symptoms like numbness and a swelling sensation appear after a night's sleep and are attributed to "morning stiffness."

When it first appears, its persistent, tingling and numbness might seem like a cramp in the hand and wrist. That is, until it flares up into shooting pain and weak muscles that signals this is no cramp but Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Is Nerve Pain

This condition is caused by compression in the median nerve at the wrist. Extending from the forearm into the hand, the median nerve is located within a passageway of ligament and bone called the carpal tunnel. Located on the thumb side of the wrist, this tunnel protects the median nerve and finger tendons.

The "syndrome" part of carpal tunnel syndrome is when swelling and irritation narrows the tunnel, creating pressure on the median nerve. This triggers pain, weakness and numbness along in the nerve's length.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Isn't for Everyone

The precise conditions that lead to nerve irritation within the carpal tunnel are vague. However, repetitive, forceful and continuous use of the hands and wrists can contribute to carpal tunnel pressure. Contrary to popular belief, the use of heavy, vibrating equipment and assembly line work is a more likely cause of carpal tunnel syndrome than typing on computer keyboards.

Other factors that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome include arthritis, diabetes, thyroid disorders and fluid retention.

Above all else, some people may just have a genetic predisposition to this disorder because they were born with a smaller, narrower carpal tunnel in which nerve irritation is more likely. This may explain why women are more prone to carpal tunnel syndrome than men.

Diagnosing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

Left untreated, carpal tunnel syndrome can ultimately cause nerve and muscle damage. That's why it's important to seek medical confirmation of symptoms if they've persisted for more than a few weeks.

Since the median nerve does not travel to the little finger, one key factor in diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome is whether or not this finger is experiencing the same symptoms as the other four.

Other carpal tunnel syndrome diagnostic methods include applying manual pressure to the wrist and electric nerve conduction tests.

Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief & Management

As is the case with most conditions, surgery is thought to be the last resort for carpal tunnel syndrome pain relief. Due to the invasive nature of surgery, it comes with the risk of infection, nerve damage, scar pain and stiffness. Because this surgery involves cutting the carpal ligament, there is also the risk of losing strength in the wrist after many months of recovery.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief & Management Medications

A disadvantage of using medications for carpal tunnel syndrome pain relief and management is the risk of addiction over an extended period of time. Medications can't cure carpal tunnel syndrome pain, they're prescribed for the management of inflammation, spasms, nerve pain and the side effects such as insomnia.

Besides the danger of addiction, continuous use of pain medications can create serious problems like digestive system and liver damage.

A Steroid Injection is a step beyond orally administered carpal tunnel syndrome pain management medications. This procedure is used to reduce the pain of irritated nerves by directly injecting the anti-inflammatory drug cortisone into the wrist. However, this therapy should only be administered once or twice a year due to the risk of permanent cartilage damage.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Natural Pain Relief

Fortunately, alternative medicine professionals offer carpal tunnel syndrome pain sufferers the option of natural pain relief therapies without the risks of surgery and pharmaceutical approaches. Besides being more conservative than the medical establishment's methods of carpal tunnel syndrome pain relief, they're just as effective if not more so.

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